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An idea that originally started as Charlotte's frustrated jokey comment, is near to commencing!! A month of fun awaits!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

San Francisco - Yosemite


Arrived in San Fran at 2pm local time (10pm UK time) and didn't get back to the hotel for another 2 hours or so (we got lost on the way!!) Our first culinary experience followed shortly after, when we went to IHOP for a take away. Philly cheese steak sandwiches ROCK!! We lasted until around 11pm local time before passing out until the morning. Honey snores really loud...


The next day we woke up and walked towards the docks to get the ferry to Alcatraz (after again visiting IHOP, this time for their awesome breakfast). However, the hills in San Francisco are more like mountains!!

This picture does NOT do the hill justice

We were all very tired about 5 minutes into our 40 minute trek! We got some totally genuine 'designer' sunglasses (for $7) and went off to Alcatraz at 12pm. While we were waiting we found the Sea Lion colony.

Alcatraz has lots of history, and it also ROCKed... Spent a few hours there then went back to mainland for the 3pm bay cruise, which took in the Alcatraz island and the Golden Gate Bridge.

We then went to Chinatown for a meal. It was... an experience... We are planning on sticking to American food from now on.

We then got the famous tram back (with Honey, Roy and Charlotte all hanging onto the sides of the car!)


The journey to Yosemite. After initially getting slightly lost due to the bridge we needed to take having blown up, a nice American lady guided us in the right direction. The rest of the journey went smoothly and we arrived in a town close to our hostel/tent a few hours later. We stopped in a diner for some American food (big burgers) which were MUCH nicer. It is looking like sticking to steak and burgers from now on...

Then the last little trek up to the lodge and we arrived 30 mins later*. We are now checked in relaxing with a beer and an Apple computer, and are looing to head to the local swimming hole in a short while.

*There are no phones here, and poor little Honey is missing his Nola...

Sunday, 20 May 2007

We are OFF!!!

Hi all!! Just a quick word to say that we are off, all ready and raring to go!! Going to the Hounslow West travel lodge to stay until tomorrow, and then we will be in Heathrow early tomorrow morning!!

Wish you all the best, we hope to keep this updated as often as we can. See you in just over a month!!