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Wednesday, 4 April 2007


These have been questions asked to AQA (text any question to 63336, £1 per text) to help us with some important decisions.

Q: We are travelling from San Francisco to New York via Vegas, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Cape cod, amongst others. What is THE must see attraction in USA?
A: The Grand Canyon is the USAs must see attraction, and it is already on your route. Leave the US to see the canadian Niagara Falls - the US ones are poor

Q: Me and some friends are taking a trip across America. Honey and Roy - 2 guys - are sharing a bed. Who should be big spoon, and who should be little spoon?
A: Honey should be big spoon and Roy the little spoon, as Honey is taller and his big manly arms can embrace Roy to keep him snuggly and safe

Q: Four of us are going across America, and I'm having to share a bed with a bloke called Honey. Should I be worried that he'll try some 'big spoon' action?
A: AQA thinks that you will be fine, as this Honey is no monster. For extra security at night, make a pillow wall between the two of you.

Q: As you suggested, Roy will now be little spoon. Final question - should we get him drunk and married to a transvestite in Vegas? His lips say no, but his eyes scream yes!
A: You should always follow his eyes over his lips, so go for it. He is only pretending that he doesn't want to go along with it anyway

Q: I am a bloke about to go to Las Vegas with some friends, and they are going to try and marry me off to a transvestite. What is the best way to get out of this?
A: The best way to get out of marrying someone in Las Vegas is to stay sober so that you can object. Failing that, find an attractive female and marry her first.

Q: Four of us are going on a trip across America. Tiny and Charlotte are boyfriend and girlfriend - should we get them married in Las Vegas?
A: Don't get Tiny and Charlotte married in las Vegas. They should enter into marriage themselves, reverently, discreetly, soberly, and after serious thought.

Q:I'm going to be trapped in a car with three guys going across America and I'm worried about the fart gas. Do air conditioned cars trap the smell?
A: The fart smell comes from hydrogen sulphide gas. On average, a person produces about half a litre of fart gas per day. Air conditioning recycles the air!

If you have any more questions that you feel are pressing, please text AQA then email us the question/answer so that we can add them. It would really help us out.