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An idea that originally started as Charlotte's frustrated jokey comment, is near to commencing!! A month of fun awaits!!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Another update - and so soon!!

After the fun in the MacArthur library with Pete, the extremely helpful yet overly friendly librarian (who called around until he found us a good place to go to have Maine Lobster) we went to Lord's Lobster Harbourside Diner. The lobster was amazing, and for $24 for 2 each (about 12 quid) Roy DID enjoy it, but he just seems to have wished for a little bit more... Oh - and thankfully Honey's shellfish allergy didn't kick in at any point either!!

Today we travelled through to Cape Cod, where we are currently sitting in the downstairs lounge of the nicest hotel we've stayed in so far. On the way down we visited Plymouth Rock, where the pilgrims from Plymouth, England, first landed. It was...erm... REALLY interesting...

Going to go get food shortly, but in a couple of days expect another update, seeing as we actually have the internet until Saturday!!! happy days...