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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Whale watching!!

Friday was a day of relaxation at Cape Cod. We played several games of mini golf (Roy kept losing his balls - see below), went in batting cages (baseball for the boys, softball for Charlotte) and then went to play pool at a local billiards hall!!

Roy loses it in the water

Tiny makes contact

Today we have just got back from whale watching in Provincetown. We are all burnt, but it was worth it - saw 3 mother-calf pairs of humpback whales, several lone humpbacks, minke whales, a jumping tunafish, and loads of cool dive-bombing birds (gannets). Some of the whales came very close to the boat (6feet away or so) so it was an amazing experience.

A friendly humpback

A mother-calf pair

A close humpback...

...and down she goes